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February 17, 2020

Sharon Kistler is a popular motivational speaker and effective Empower Life  Coach and healer. She is passionate about helping others to heal emotions in order to remove blocks, behaviors and limiting beliefs that hold us back.  As a EFT Emotional Freedom Practitioner and REIKI Master, she uses various Stress Relieving Techniques and Life Coaching Programs to Release Stress and Restore well-being! On today's episode she tells about her life detour from stress and anxiety to peace and wellness. Along the way, she gained understanding and a passion to help others and give them hope and she shares many great tips to get started on this episode.

She believes that while we may be practicing habits and acting through beliefs that we've had for YEARS, it does not take years to heal when you have the life tools and learn Self-Master techniques to breakthrough the unconscious patterns that may not serve you well. you have the Power to Heal Now!

To make an appointment for personal or group coaching she also offers phone coaching and webinars. Contact her through her website or through Facebook by searching "Sharon Thompson Kistler". You may also call 727-687-5764.

She is also a founder and director of a women’s empowerment organization and Network: TheAmazingWoman.Org, a great “Sisterhood for Positive Living”!, which has an online presence as well as meetups in the Tampa Bay Area.

She has worked with hundreds of people to open to their unlimited possibilities and would love to help you!

Nicole | 16 y/o Loses 110lbs & Finds her Passion

Nicole | 16 y/o Loses 110lbs & Finds her Passion

February 3, 2020

Continuing with the Body, Mind & Spirit Series, we meet Nicole a 16 y/o who has lost more than 100 lbs! She was always a "chubby kid" that loved cookies and junk food, and loved to binge eat with her friends until she realized that her poor food choices were standing in the way of her goals and putting her at risk for health problems. Through hard work and determination, Nicole has changed her whole life and body and also found a passion for weightlifting and training others. This conversation is quite motivating and uplifting and full of wisdom anyone can appreciate. Listen and send all the High Fives to this teenager who is crushing it & is a great example to us all. 

 PS. In the podcast I said that Nicole was the youngest guest on the The Detour Podcast. Jazzy, age 13, is technically the youngest guest when she joined in with her dad on the episode "Brad & Jazzy | A Year without Shelly". 

So Nicole, you aren't the youngest guest but you are technically the youngest SOLO guest. Either way, you were wise beyond your years and did a great job!

Check out the gym that helped Nicole reach her goals and then hired her to help train others at and on Facebook @loadmoreplate



Lisa | Wheelchair Fitness

Lisa | Wheelchair Fitness

January 20, 2020

As part of the Total Wellness: Body, Mind, & Spirit Series, we chat with Lisa Cunnard, who was born with spina bifida and is wheelchair bound. Although most of us do not have these same physical challenges, many will relate to her story nonetheless. Last year, after a struggle with health issues, depression,  perimenopause & bad coping habits, Lisa knew she needed to get healthier &  change her life. She just didn't know where to start. Could she join a gym and hire a trainer like other people? Would her wheelchair be a limiting factor? A Divine Detour gave her the answers & the helpers she needed to overcome her challenges and reach for her goals. 

Connect with Lisa on Facebook & Twitter @lisacunnard, Instagram @lcunnard to follow her progress

Check out My Fitness Kitchen in Latrobe, PA (Owner Mark Rullo)or Visit the website or their Facebook page @MyFitnessKitchen for info, tips & blog posts. 

Dee | OMG…Dee’s Gonna Lose It!

Dee | OMG…Dee’s Gonna Lose It!

January 6, 2020

Could you ever imagine losing over 100 lbs? What it would take? How hard it would be to start and stay committed? How big of a mountain it would be to climb? As the first interview of 2020, and part of the Total Wellness: Mind, Body, & Spirit series, Deanne (Dee) Wilson shares her journey to do just that. Whether you have 100 lbs or 10lbs to lose, Dee will provide some wisdom and inspiration to get you moving in whatever way you can! While she admits she still has more weight to lose she said "My next goal is to just not quit. That's my forever goal- Don't Quit." 


Find Dee on Facebook & Instagram @DeesGonnaLoseIt to follow her progress, get inspired and grab some tracking tools. 


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2020 New Series Sneak Peek

2020 New Series Sneak Peek

December 23, 2019

We will continue on into 2020 with MORE AWESOME GUESTS! Listen to this sneak peek about what's coming up in the New Year on The Detour Podcast!

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Bob & Sheila | Poland Should Be at the Top of Your Bucket List

Bob & Sheila | Poland Should Be at the Top of Your Bucket List

December 9, 2019

Our host Sheila Shynski & her husband Bob share all the reasons you should put a visit to Poland at the top of your Travel Bucket List. They'll give you the tips and tricks they learned after visiting Krakow, Warsaw and other places in Poland. 

You'll learn to get around

...what the Poles are like

...what to see

...what to eat & drink

Be sure to like The Detour Podcast (@thedetourpodcast)Facebook page to see travel pictures and ask other questions or leave comments. If you've traveled to Poland, we'd love to hear about your experience. 


Apps mentioned in this episode are

Get Your Guide for guides, transfers, tours

Hoopla for downloading travel books






Colleen | Cultivating Success through “Stages”

Colleen | Cultivating Success through “Stages”

November 25, 2019

Colleen Kavanaugh, Your Gig Girl, is an Emcee, Speaker/Trainer & Event Specialist. Colleen has worked a variety of events and "Gigs" ranging from 20 to over 1000 attendees in different industries such as Entertainment, Experiential Marketing, and Business Meetings & Conferences.  She has worked as an Emcee, Event Coordinator, & Event Staff for numerous Personal & Professional development conferences as well as planned/hosted her own workshops and conferences. From farming in Nebraska to fitness trainer to Sports Host for ESPN Wide World of Sports, Game Show Host for Nickelodeon Suites, & an Assistant Cruise Director, (just to name a few) like many of us, Colleen definitely qualifies as a fellow "detourist".

Colleen shares how cultivating her own voice on these various "stages" in life and her innate passion for education, teaching/training, professional & personal development led her to create "CULTIVATE YOUR SUCCESS" resources that help others realize their greatest potential on all the "stages" of their lives. An encouraging and informative interview that we hope you will enjoy!

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Liz | No Ordinary Liz: A Foster Care Hero

Liz | No Ordinary Liz: A Foster Care Hero

November 11, 2019

In Honor of National Adoption Month, Liz Sutherland joined us to tell her foster care story.

Liz grew up with no identity. She has no memory of her first few years of life, outside of being dropped off at a stranger's house when she was a child. Liz and her siblings lived in an abusive home with a woman they were told was their grandmother, until Liz finally gathered the courage to call social services. This separated her from her siblings, put her into the foster care system until she aged out at 18. Liz tells us about her story, how she survived & maintained hope and found her identity and a family at Walmart. You will be heartbroken by her story and then amazed by her positive outlook. You'll understand why she's a Foster Care Hero.

You can get her book "No Ordinary Liz" through her publisher Now Publishing, or Amazon. No Ordinary Liz. One woman’s incredible journey to survive foster care and discover her true identity. This is a complex, intriguing story filled with twists and turns as Liz unravels her complicated past. Part memoir, part guidebook, this book offers support and resources for agencies, foster youth and foster parents.

Read her blog

Liz is a speaker & advocates for other foster care kids in the Tampa Bay area. For inquiries and collaboration, email:

Stephanie | The Boy Who Couldn’t Eat

Stephanie | The Boy Who Couldn’t Eat

October 28, 2019

Can you imagine receiving a diagnosis for your sick child that meant he would not be able to eat food? No food. No birthday cakes, no school snacks or pizza parties. No Halloween candy, Thanksgiving feast or Christmas cookies. Not even a regular sit down family meal. Can you imagine? 

At the age of four, Remington Walls was diagnosed with Eosinophilic Esophagitis. This heartbreaking diagnosis meant Remington would not be unable to eat or drink regular food, possibly for the rest of his life.

Rem's mom, Stephanie tells us about this 15 year journey, how their family dealt with this life changing diagnosis and how they managed to get little Rem through that first year and the next 15, as an All-star high school baseball player and now on to college. You also learn why the family is now working to change legislation to support others who need costly supplemental nutrition. You will be touched by this story and inspired to think differently about food, family time and perseverance when "life isn't fair". 

 Home Plate by Stephanie & Remington Walls is available on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and through Now Publishing.

You can contact Stephanie for information or speaking opportunities at

Read more about Eosinophil-Associated Diseases at



Jenna & Mirelle | PART 1 A Surrogacy Baby Story

Jenna & Mirelle | PART 1 A Surrogacy Baby Story

October 14, 2019

Mirelle & Reto, who live in Switzerland, tried for 8 long years to have a family. After multiple miscarriages, In Vitro Fertilization attempts, and countless doctor visits, they were told there was no hope that Mirelle could carry their child.  They decided to adopt & when that fell through, too, they had one more risky chance to fulfill their dreams, they had to do something which was actually illegal in their country...SURROGACY!

After being matched with a mother through Circle Surrogacy, they had their first child David. Since it was such a wonderful experience for them, they decided to try again for a sibling! This time they were matched with Jenna, a first time surrogate from Florida. 

This is Part One of a Two-part conversation with Jenna, the surrogate mother, and  Mirelle, the intended mother. They honestly share their individual experiences with the process of bringing Baby Louie into the world via surrogacy.As they share from Day 1 to delivery, you'll feel like you are right there during this incredibly heartwarming and amazing journey.


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