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Brad & Jazzy | A Year Without Shelly

September 16, 2019

It's a year after we recorded "Shelly the Bellydancing Mama and her Fight with Breast Cancer"- the very first episode of this podcast. At the time of recording (Fall 2018), we didn't know that Shelly would be giving up her cancer-ridden body to move to Heaven just a month later. What was a friend helping another with a new podcast project became a recording would prove to be very important to her husband, children, family & friends.

This episode is with Brad, Shelly's widower, with a surprise appearance by Jasmine (Jazzy), their youngest child.  It's been A Year Without Shelly & they share what it's like to be a loved one of someone battling cancer, the experience of being Mom & Dad as one parent, being a child who has lost a parent, and how they are all doing now. If you listened to the first episode, heard about her death and wondered "How are they now?", you'll be amazed at what you hear.  If you haven't listened to Episode 1, scroll waaay back to the very first episode "Shelly The Bellydancing Mama & her fight with Breast Cancer' to hear how amazing Shelly was through this whole battle.

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