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Colleen | Cultivating Success through “Stages”

November 25, 2019

Colleen Kavanaugh, Your Gig Girl, is an Emcee, Speaker/Trainer & Event Specialist. Colleen has worked a variety of events and "Gigs" ranging from 20 to over 1000 attendees in different industries such as Entertainment, Experiential Marketing, and Business Meetings & Conferences.  She has worked as an Emcee, Event Coordinator, & Event Staff for numerous Personal & Professional development conferences as well as planned/hosted her own workshops and conferences. From farming in Nebraska to fitness trainer to Sports Host for ESPN Wide World of Sports, Game Show Host for Nickelodeon Suites, & an Assistant Cruise Director, (just to name a few) like many of us, Colleen definitely qualifies as a fellow "detourist".

Colleen shares how cultivating her own voice on these various "stages" in life and her innate passion for education, teaching/training, professional & personal development led her to create "CULTIVATE YOUR SUCCESS" resources that help others realize their greatest potential on all the "stages" of their lives. An encouraging and informative interview that we hope you will enjoy!

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