The Detour Podcast

Dee | OMG…Dee’s Gonna Lose It!

January 6, 2020

Could you ever imagine losing over 100 lbs? What it would take? How hard it would be to start and stay committed? How big of a mountain it would be to climb? As the first interview of 2020, and part of the Total Wellness: Mind, Body, & Spirit series, Deanne (Dee) Wilson shares her journey to do just that. Whether you have 100 lbs or 10lbs to lose, Dee will provide some wisdom and inspiration to get you moving in whatever way you can! While she admits she still has more weight to lose she said "My next goal is to just not quit. That's my forever goal- Don't Quit." 


Find Dee on Facebook & Instagram @DeesGonnaLoseIt to follow her progress, get inspired and grab some tracking tools. 


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