The Detour Podcast

Gatton | More The Same Than Different

November 2, 2020


You're going to want to remember this name because in the very near future I predict you'll be saying " I heard him when..." This talented, heart-centered young man is going to make a huge impact in the world! I can see his name in lights.

Wise beyond his 22 years, Gatton is a singer, songwriter, artist, and creative director who is on a mission through his various art form to remind the world that we are "More the Same than Different".  

He has recently had a huge accomplishment with two of his songs hitting 1 million downloads and he tells us about that, but it's almost a side note to the messages of love, diversity, self-reflection and healing that he wishes to encourage us with. 

True to his Enneagram 4ness, we go deep, profound, up and down in our conversation, but I think you'll be as impressed as I was and happy that the world has young people like Gatton stepping up in this next generation of leaders.


Download his music on Spotify @Gatton

Follow @Gatton on IG, FB and Youtube as well to see videos, pictures and musings. 

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