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Jenna & Mirelle | PART 2 A Surrogacy Baby Story

October 14, 2019

Mirelle & Reto, who live in Switzerland, tried for 8 long years to have a family. After multiple miscarriages, In Vitro Fertilization attempts, and countless doctor visits, they were told there was no hope that Mirelle could carry their child.  They decided to adopt & when that fell through, too, they had one more risky chance to fulfill their dreams, they had to do something which was actually illegal in their country...SURROGACY!

After being matched with a mother through Circle Surrogacy, they had their first child David. Since it was such a wonderful experience for them, they decided to try again for a sibling! This time they were matched with Jenna, a first time surrogate from Florida. 

This is Part Two of a Two-part conversation with Jenna, the surrogate mother, and  Mirelle, the intended mother. They honestly share their individual experiences with the process of bringing Baby Louie into the world via surrogacy.As they share from Day 1 to delivery, you'll feel like you are right there during this incredibly heartwarming and amazing journey.


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