The Detour Podcast

Lisa | Wheelchair Fitness

January 20, 2020

As part of the Total Wellness: Body, Mind, & Spirit Series, we chat with Lisa Cunnard, who was born with spina bifida and is wheelchair bound. Although most of us do not have these same physical challenges, many will relate to her story nonetheless. Last year, after a struggle with health issues, depression,  perimenopause & bad coping habits, Lisa knew she needed to get healthier &  change her life. She just didn't know where to start. Could she join a gym and hire a trainer like other people? Would her wheelchair be a limiting factor? A Divine Detour gave her the answers & the helpers she needed to overcome her challenges and reach for her goals. 

Connect with Lisa on Facebook & Twitter @lisacunnard, Instagram @lcunnard to follow her progress

Check out My Fitness Kitchen in Latrobe, PA (Owner Mark Rullo)or Visit the website or their Facebook page @MyFitnessKitchen for info, tips & blog posts. 

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