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Liz | No Ordinary Liz: A Foster Care Hero

November 11, 2019

In Honor of National Adoption Month, Liz Sutherland joined us to tell her foster care story.

Liz grew up with no identity. She has no memory of her first few years of life, outside of being dropped off at a stranger's house when she was a child. Liz and her siblings lived in an abusive home with a woman they were told was their grandmother, until Liz finally gathered the courage to call social services. This separated her from her siblings, put her into the foster care system until she aged out at 18. Liz tells us about her story, how she survived & maintained hope and found her identity and a family at Walmart. You will be heartbroken by her story and then amazed by her positive outlook. You'll understand why she's a Foster Care Hero.

You can get her book "No Ordinary Liz" through her publisher Now Publishing, or Amazon. No Ordinary Liz. One woman’s incredible journey to survive foster care and discover her true identity. This is a complex, intriguing story filled with twists and turns as Liz unravels her complicated past. Part memoir, part guidebook, this book offers support and resources for agencies, foster youth and foster parents.

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Liz is a speaker & advocates for other foster care kids in the Tampa Bay area. For inquiries and collaboration, email:

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