The Detour Podcast

Maureen| BREAKING NEWS! You have Cancer.

September 2, 2019

Maureen Famiano has spent over 30 years as broadcast media specialist working as a reporter in NY & executive producer of morning entertainment television for Daytime on NBC-WFLA and Great Day Live on CBS-WSTP in the Tampa Bay Area. In addition to booking interviews, profiling celebrities, community leaders, & special events she was particularly drawn to those unique ‘human interest’ stories from neighbors in her community. Little did she realize that her own health detour would be, perhaps, the biggest story of her career.

Listen as Maureen shares behind-the-scenes of her work ( including a great Jimmy Fallon experience) and her journey of stage 3 colon cancer and what she wants everyone to consider about their own health.

Maureen Famiano continues to help others tell their stories through her work with NOW Publishing.

Reach her on Facebook at Maureen Famiano or NowSCPress

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