The Detour Podcast

Nicole | 16 y/o Loses 110lbs & Finds her Passion

February 3, 2020

Continuing with the Body, Mind & Spirit Series, we meet Nicole a 16 y/o who has lost more than 100 lbs! She was always a "chubby kid" that loved cookies and junk food, and loved to binge eat with her friends until she realized that her poor food choices were standing in the way of her goals and putting her at risk for health problems. Through hard work and determination, Nicole has changed her whole life and body and also found a passion for weightlifting and training others. This conversation is quite motivating and uplifting and full of wisdom anyone can appreciate. Listen and send all the High Fives to this teenager who is crushing it & is a great example to us all. 

 PS. In the podcast I said that Nicole was the youngest guest on the The Detour Podcast. Jazzy, age 13, is technically the youngest guest when she joined in with her dad on the episode "Brad & Jazzy | A Year without Shelly". 

So Nicole, you aren't the youngest guest but you are technically the youngest SOLO guest. Either way, you were wise beyond your years and did a great job!

Check out the gym that helped Nicole reach her goals and then hired her to help train others at and on Facebook @loadmoreplate



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