The Detour Podcast

Rebekah | Finding my “Shiny” through Meditation

March 2, 2020

This episode is like The Karate Kid, Gremlins, and Eat, Pray, Love rolled into one. After a chance meeting with an "odd little Japanese man", Rebekah's life began to change in ways she could not understand. It sent her on a journey that would change everything about what she thought was possible for her life. 

Rebekah "Rani" is a meditation coach, guiding her students and clients through the transformative experience of meditation for over 7 years. After 10 years as a supply chain and IT professional, working for lululemon athletica and other big retail brands, she hung up her corporate hat to train closely with respected spiritual teachers. She underwent strict spiritual discipline; learning the ancient languages and practices to transform her own internal world from a dark place riddled with trauma and depression to one of healing, gratitude and giving.
Instagram: @rani_rightnow

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