The Detour Podcast


February 17, 2020

Sharon Kistler is a popular motivational speaker and effective Empower Life  Coach and healer. She is passionate about helping others to heal emotions in order to remove blocks, behaviors and limiting beliefs that hold us back.  As a EFT Emotional Freedom Practitioner and REIKI Master, she uses various Stress Relieving Techniques and Life Coaching Programs to Release Stress and Restore well-being! On today's episode she tells about her life detour from stress and anxiety to peace and wellness. Along the way, she gained understanding and a passion to help others and give them hope and she shares many great tips to get started on this episode.

She believes that while we may be practicing habits and acting through beliefs that we've had for YEARS, it does not take years to heal when you have the life tools and learn Self-Master techniques to breakthrough the unconscious patterns that may not serve you well. you have the Power to Heal Now!

To make an appointment for personal or group coaching she also offers phone coaching and webinars. Contact her through her website or through Facebook by searching "Sharon Thompson Kistler". You may also call 727-687-5764.

She is also a founder and director of a women’s empowerment organization and Network: TheAmazingWoman.Org, a great “Sisterhood for Positive Living”!, which has an online presence as well as meetups in the Tampa Bay Area.

She has worked with hundreds of people to open to their unlimited possibilities and would love to help you!

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