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Tina | TalkingTruth About Addiction

March 23, 2020

Tina Levene is a motivational Speaker, an Author of 5 books, a Staff Development Trainer and advocate for youth. She has been a Christian Talk Radio and TV show Host as well as a clean Comedian.  In today's episode, she shares the Truth about a past that is barely recognizable to her now. That past began with a tragic event when she was 7 years old. This trauma put her on a path of destruction early in her life that included dangerous behavior, drugs, alcohol and more trauma. Tina struggled for years until she finally realized what it would take to finally heal and find her way to life of redemption and of helping others find heal and hope.

This episode is informative, inspirational and full of encouragement. A Must Listen for everyone, as the addiction statistics soar, it is no doubt we have all been affected by addiction in some way.

Tina Levene can be reached on all the social medias by searching Tina Talks Truth or on her website

Her books can be found on her website or on Amazon

Let Your Lessons Become Your Blessings

Let Your Forgiveness Become Your Freedom

Little Book of Big Truth (for youth)

Preventing Burnout, Igniting Passion (professional development)

Heartbeat of a R.E.A.L. Leader (Leadership/ Professional)




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